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Parties, charity events, street festivals, farmer's markets, athletic events...  We'll be there!  Whether it's a large backyard BBQ where your Bluetooth speaker just won't cut it, or a charity auction requiring utmost clarity on the mic for a fast-talking auctioneer, we've got you covered.

Friends Party


Sometimes you just want playback of recorded music, and possibly a wireless mic for announcements.  Use this service for corporate events, holiday parties, private parties, birthdays, class reunions...  Whatever your event, when you need the music sounding clear, pristine, and full, North Sound Audio has you covered!



Athletic events and competitions require not only a bumping, amped-up soundtrack, but clearly heard announcements all over your facility -- athletes depend on this to know when and where they need to be!  Our Sennheiser wireless mics produce clear, punchy audio that cuts through the crowd noise.  We can optionally fly our speakers on truss to get them well above everyone's heads and to improve sound coverage over a large area.

CrossFit Competition


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Serving Whatcom and Skagit Counties


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