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On the happiest day of your life, you won't have to worry about your sound and music.  We'll be there to provide incredible sound for your special day, beyond just DJ.

North Sound Audio uses concert-quality audio systems.  We couple that with professional audio engineering expertise and theatrical production experience to ensure your wedding day's music and sound flow smoothly.

Bridal Bouquet


We've curated some unique and unconventional musical selections for ceremony processions and walk-in music if you're looking for something fresh and new; or, we can keep it traditional with timeless favorites.  Uniquely, we can edit your musical selections so that songs end as your procession ends, rather than being faded out in the middle.

We can place a discreet, miniature microphone into your decorations, or equip your officiant (and you and your partner, if desired!) with a wireless lapel microphone, to ensure your guests hear every heartfelt moment of your ceremony.

If you have live musicians, your experienced audio engineer will bring their performance to life with concert-quality sound; we can also record it and give it a studio-quality mix!

Our Midas M32R console


Indoors or outdoors; cocktail hours, dinner, dancing, or anything else you can imagine!  

We'll work with you to lay out the event, pick your favorite songs and set up playlists for cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and special dances.  Or, we can use our established playlists!

Whether you and your guests prefer to converse socially for the evening over quiet background music, or party late into the night with loud, pulsing bass, we've got you covered!



Wedding music costs a flat rate.  No package sets, no time limits, no overage charges -- it's your party, and we're with you until the end! 


The one extra charge is for lighting, as that takes extra time to set up...  But we kept that price low!  Very occasionally we encounter an event that requires some specialized equipment; in that case, we will rent it and pass the bill along without any markups.


Full Wedding Music Service

The full wedding music service includes consultation before the wedding, participation in the rehearsal (a boom box will be provided for music cues), song editing of ceremony procession music, and one sound system on the full wedding day.  The sound system includes our professional EV speakers and subwoofers, Midas digital console, and whatever microphones your event requires -- wired and wireless.  No time limits, no packages.  Full service.


Add Lights

We're in the process of buying a light show!  It is an extra expense and extra work, so we charge just a little bit more for lights.

Why North Sound Audio?

Most mobile DJs are not audio engineers.  The job usually doesn't require that knowledge as it is an art unto itself!  

As an audio engineering company, we have unique additional knowledge, skill, and equipment.  On the left-hand side of this picture you'll see a speaker hiding in the bushes.  It's in front of everyone, yet out of view, so the ceremony sounds great without speakers making a visual intrusion.  Placing the speaker here required 100' of cable, which we have -- a mobile DJ usually doesn't require long speaker cables because the speakers go next to their control center. 


Professional microphones hidden in clothing, a digital console to enhance the sound, and an eye for routing cables cables cleanly and for the least visual impact contribute to a ceremony where every sound is heard with remarkable fidelity and not so much seen!

07_The Details-1_edited.jpg


Check this one off your list.  Let's connect and get your wedding sound rolling!

Serving Whatcom and Skagit Counties


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A note about equality

We do not discriminate.  Love is love, and it is our honor to serve you on your wedding day!

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