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Music, Foley, and more!

High-end recording studio equipment is brought to your site for recording of music or sound effects.  Audio is recorded into Pro Tools, using our incredibly transparent Lynx Aurora(n) mastering-grade converter.  It offers up to 24 analog input channels, in addition to AES/EBU and ADAT digital I/O over Thunderbolt 3 to the computer.

We can handle multi-track recording of classical music -- orchestra, choir, pipe organs -- to multi-track jazz music, to multi-track rock, and anything in between.  

For stereo foley gathering, we can use our Zoom H5 recorder, either with its internal microphones, or with studio-grade external microphones.

Mixing a rock/hip-hop song


Send us your multitrack audio sessions for professional mixing using both software plugins and hardware processors.  

We mix in Pro Tools and can read Windows and some Mac hard drives and thumb drives; or, put your tracks onto a service such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.  Mixes will be released as full-resolution WAV files.


Let's make some music!  Fill out this form and let us know about your project!

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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