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Hi there!  I'm Adam Tews, the owner-operator of North Sound Audio.  My passion for sound and music started before I could even walk; photos exist of me climbing up onto the stereo cabinet to reach for the volume knob!

I played the violin as a kid and listened to music constantly.  By middle school, I was running sound for drama productions; by high school, I added live recording of the school's choirs and bands to my sound repertoire, as well as live sound mixing of school assemblies.  

After graduating high school, I earned a degree in Digital Audio Engineering.  My interest and experience in audio continued after graduation...  I mixed live shows for local bands, recorded live shows as well as studio sessions to multi-track, and even got to work as a sound designer on the wildly popular video game, Halo!  During this time, my friends started getting married and turned to me for music for their weddings; and then, through word of mouth, I continued to provide music and sound for weddings once my friends all married up.

North Sound Audio now brings this passion and experience officially to life, and I look forward to working with you!

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